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Floors in residential rooms Kahrs Linnea 3-layer veneer floor, 3-parquet, finished with a moulding, a selection from natural oak and bleached oak materials
Entrance hall Casablanca ceramic floor tiles and a cleaning mat
Utility rooms, technical rooms Ceramic tiles - Casablanca
Staircase Reinforced concrete, covered with Boen 3-layer wooden flooring, 3-parquet
Window coverings Preparation for outdoor electrically controlled blinds (for example Z90). Individual elements, blinds, guide rails and motor are not included in the standard equipment.
Wall surface Plasterwork, abrasion-resistant white paint
Ceiling surfaces 1st floor - plaster scraper, 2nd floor plasterboard, abrasion-resistant white paint
Interior window sills White laminate
Lighting Indoor light fixtures are not included in the standard offer, spotlights are installed in the bathrooms and toilets
Electrical sockets and light controls LEGRAND living light - white
Low voltage wiring In residential rooms, connection points to terrestrial broadcasting, satellite broadcasting and cable broadcasting are available
Heating Underfloor heating, using carbon film, including remote control via a mobile application
Heat recovery Recovery with the option of cooling
Water heating Hot water storage tanks with electric heating
Windows and balcony doors Large-dimension aluminium windows, glazed with thermal insulating triple glazing, the combination of sliding and opening doors
Light guides/skylights Available only in some bedrooms on the 2nd floor
Window railings Transparent safety glass - anchored in the window frames
Kitchen Preparation for the installation of a kitchen unit
Front door Entrance door in the same style and finish as the windows, without any security class
Interior doors DEXTÜRA white doors, 2100 mm high


Wall tiles Living
Floor tiles Casablanca
Lighting Spotlights
Washbasins and sinks Jika CUBITO
Taps Hansgrohe Logis
Bathtubs Enamel bath - Kaldewei EUROWA
Showers Hüppe Classic 2, drain pan
Wall mounted toilet Jika MIO
Toilet seat Jika MIO
Ladder radiator Isan Quadrat - white


Terrace floor Thermowood - pine
Rainwater Drained into a tank of approximately 4 m3; the water will be used for irrigation - the tank will not be fitted with a pump
Outdoor water valve A non-frosting valve will be mounted on the facade
Outdoor power socket A 230V power socket will be mounted on the facade
Vegetation Landscaping, including grass sowing and tree planting
Parking spaces, space at the building entrance Without fence, ecoraster grid tiles Concrete paving, 200x200 mm
Fences Plastic coated wire fencing plastered with a base plate, entrance gate
Separating partitions Wooden separating partitions + empty gabion baskets with vegetation


Structure Brick
Ceiling structure Monolithic or prefabricated reinforced concrete
Common building structures Separate brickwork made of acoustic bricks, 50 mm polystyrene insulation between walls
Roof Flat reinforced concrete structure with insulating layers, covered with gravel


Facade, version 1 Contact insulation facade, surface finish - combination of fine plaster finish in an imitation concrete finish with brick bands
Facade, version 2 Contact insulation facade, surface finish - combination of fine plaster finish in a white finish with brick bands
Metalwork Plastic coated sheet


Garage doors Overhead door, remote control
Wall surface Gypsum plaster, standard white painting, combined with a contact thermal insulation system, with a structured coloured plaster
Floor Levelling layer on a concrete slab

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